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Lesley's on a losing battle

A little too much turkey this Christmas? You’re not alone.

We know just how hard it can be to shift those holiday pounds but don’t worry – help is at hand.

Our in-house, fully qualified personal trainers will have you back in shape and looking your best in no time.

Check out our Lesley being put through her paces to prove just how effective a balanced and structured diet and exercise programme can be… the results speak for themselves.

2st 7lbs (16kg) lost across 12 weeks.

14% of body weight lost.

Down 2 dress sizes.

Measurements reduced by 29” in total.

BMI reduction of 6.4 points.

Here’s what Bethany had to say…

Lesley and I started with a goal of losing 2st 7lbs and 12 weeks of hard work ahead of us.

Our first session started with a full health and fitness assessment – weight, blood pressure, cholesterol level, lung capacity etc. were all checked in private to give us a starting point. Working from this I put together an exercise programme and meal plan for Lesley to follow. This wasn’t an unrealistic low calorie diet but more a plan encouraging Lesley to make better choices when it came to the food she was eating – there’s no reason for someone to feel hungry!

At Crieff Hydro our aim isn’t to push people towards crash dieting or fad diets that try to achieve drastic weight loss – these are destined to fail. Instead, we try to set realistic and gradual weight loss targets that are tailored to the individual and made achievable through a controlled diet and exercise programme.

Lesley did fantastically well and was extremely dedicated! She even put in some lunch hour training, came along to exercise classes and always gave 100% during our one-to-one PT sessions. We finished our 12 week journey having lost 2st 7lbs right on target, which we are both delighted with!

Here’s what Lesley had to say…

I jumped at the chance to participate in the Hydro Challenge – not that jumping came easily to me, considering all the extra weight that I’d accumulated over the years!

Bethany quickly had me settled into an exercise routine, which I supplemented with step class, long weekend walks and swimming lessons with Alison and Becky at the Hydro.

During the long cold winter days it took resolve to visit the gym either before work, at lunchtime or after work and there were many times when I almost faltered. However, the exercise when combined with Bethany’s eating plan, quickly showed encouraging results. I routinely lost 3lbs a week, occasionally 4 or 5 lbs and – following one particularly stressful week – I lost an astounding 9lbs!

Bethany worked me hard during our one-to-ones and I always achieved so much more during these sessions than when I exercised alone. Her dedication and confidence in my ability spurred me on, even on two occasions when I flatly refused to go on. Both times all it took was one withering look from Bethany for me to get back on the bike and keep pedalling!

I soon started to look and feel so much better. My clothes were getting loose and my stamina had improved enormously. Better yet, I was beginning to enjoy exercise. Unlike other gyms where I’ve felt very self-conscious, the Hydro gym was refreshingly status free, welcoming all – regardless of age, shape or size. Honestly, no-one batted an eyelid whilst I puffed and panted!

At the end of the 12 weeks, after achieving my goals, I felt absolutely brilliant and ready for the party season. However, knowing from past experience how easy it is to regain weight, I’ve already arranged another block of PT sessions in the New Year with Bethany.

If you want to improve your fitness levels or shed a few pounds, I honestly can’t recommend PT sessions with Bethany strongly enough – after all, what have you got to lose?

Let's get moving