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Our bringer of Christmas and organiser of parties, she’s organising all year round– not just at Christmas.Dawn started working at the Hydro back in the nineties in her dungarees wearing a mood ring (we assume!) 20 years later having worked In both our resort sales and meetings and events teams she finds herself keeping our party night goers on the straight and narrow.

Dawn loves Christmas – you’d have to, to organise party nights all year round. But she’s not exactly afraid to show it. A tree appears on her desk from the 1st of September and on more than one occasion we’ve had to ask her to tone down the festive knits.

What would your Christmas party group name be, and why?

Gosh this is a difficult one, there are so many amazing names given to the different groups who come to visit I struggle to come up with something original. My favourite party name this year has to be “People who Ellen does not hate!”. 

What are your top tips for organising a party night?

Start early! The earlier you book the better chance you have of getting the date you want and if you pop some cash in jar every pay day it will be paid before you know it.
If you could invite one famous person to your party night who would it be and why?
Santa of course! I’d love to find out how he manages to visit so many children in one night.

Small or large party group, which do you prefer and why?

Small as I get to chat with more people.

Obvious one, what’s your favourite party anthem?

I wish it could be Christmas every day!!

What’s the most rewarding thing about being the party planner and why?

I love making people happy so the best bit about my job is hearing about how much fun everyone had at the parties.

When do you start your Christmas shopping? August?

The earliest I’ve ever bought a gift for Christmas was in February but most years I start the planning during the summer.

What’s your funniest party night story?

The man who locked himself out of his bedroom while wearing his birthday suit…


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