Teambuilding activities

Get out of the office and into the spirit
Get out of the office and into the spirit

Thinking caps off; safety helmets and golfing caps on. Give your delegates a break from meetings with a teambuilding day to remember. (They'll thank you for it.)

We can arrange any of these activities for you - they're all right here on the Crieff Hydro estate, at our Action Glen Activity Centre. So you can go straight from a three course lunch to the Vertigo high ropes... if you dare. 

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NEW - Bubble football

Does what it says on the cover - football in a bubble. High intensity fun that will have you rolling around in hysterics, literally. Break it up with a one of our mini games from tumble relay to last man standing.

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NEW - Operation Codebreaker

A high tech treasure hunt involving ipads and augmented reality that brings the clues to life right in front of you. Teams will be tested both mentally and physically as they unlock codes and make trade off's with covert spys to completle their mission.

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Aloft! Treetop Adventure Experience

Bring out your inner Tarzan with a challenging aerial adventure.  Traverse your way from tree-to-tree using rope bridges and cargo nets; shimmy along tightropes and negotiate lofty see-saws.  And to fly you back to terra firma, experience the thrill of our 160m zip line (who needs vines?).

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As John Cleese once said, "if you want creative workers, give them enough time to play."  And although the Apodo System looks deceptively like a play thing, it's actually a pretty nifty piece of kit.  Ideal for indoor teambuilding sessions, it's more cerebral than physical.  What's more, it's brilliant fun.

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Hydro Team Adventure

Adventure challenge offers more physical elements than Discovery though you'll compete in challenges to test both mental and physical attributes. Don’t worry if you’re not a fitness enthusiast some of the challenges need more brain and less brawn. Great for communication skills, time management, trust & support, moral & motivation.


Mission Improbable

Codename: Serious Fun for up to 60 People.  Your team will learn to shoot (rifles and lasers), navigate, drive off-road and even carry out emergency first aid.  Book a day and we'll organise it so that teams have to earn credits to complete their afternoon mission.


Highland Games

Nothing says "Scotland" like a man in a skirt flinging a big log.  We can't say the same for haggis hurling or sumo suits - but whatever events you choose for your Games, it's a great way to get teams working together.


Mind Benders

Need to identify team strengths or encourage lateral thinking?  Choose from over 30 teambuilding puzzles, each one guaranteed to boggle minds and get teams working beautifully.



A great way to kick off your day or as a post lunch energiser during your conference or meeting. Our challenges aim to bring out your teams creative side, whilst keeping them alert.


It's a Knockout

Think 70s style gameshow challenges, where teams clamber over a giant inflatable assault course and bungee runs, sumo-wrestle (and pole joust) with colleagues to score points.  Rounded off with a head-to-head showdown for the final challenge of the day - tug o' war.


Woodland Combat

A full-on tactical battle in our woodlands, where you'll pit your wits against the enemy.  Sweep the area as you protect the President or storm the enemy camp to capture the flag.  It's all about speed as you dodge your opponent's lasers, and there's no room for sitting targets. 


Action Combat

Think of it as an inflatable version of the hugely popular Woodland Combat with inflatable boulders, tanks and forts.  Our team sergeants are on hand to ensure fair play and advice on tactics.  The rest is up to you.


Multi-Activity Days

If a multi-activity day is just the ticket, then we've all the usual activities you'd expect (plus a few more you might not). From Segways to off-road driving, high ropes  to quad biking, air rifles to archery (we've over 60 on-site activities to choose from), create your very own activity bundle, or let us do it for you.


School Sports

School sports days are for grown up kids who've waved goodbye to itchy grey shorts and unflattering elastic hairbands.  If you lost at the sack race in primary three, here's your chance to redeem yourself.


Treasure Hunt

Walk, jog or cycle as you navigate your way round the stunning backdrop of the Perthshire hills as you compete to find and claim the treasure.



Whether they're colleagues or clients, keen golfers love playing our Culcrieff Golf Course. Along with amazing views and some nicely challenging holes, we can include pre and post-game refreshments in the clubhouse. We can also supply a buggy, trolley or golf clubs.

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