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Freedom Dining

Freedom Dining? Oh, that’s simple…

Adults (and kids over 12) get £25 allowance per night to spend towards dinner when you stay with us. Kids aged 2 – 12 years old get £10 allowance.

So, it’s basically our ‘dinner, bed and breakfast’ only simpler (and with more freedom) – £25 for dinner to spend in all places Crieff Hydro .

Each evening you’ll have the freedom to eat from any of our dinner menus. So the choice between Eastern fusion, gastro burgers or something a bit closer to home is entirely yours!

Here’s the fine print:

  • Freedom Dining doesn’t cover alcoholic or soft drinks but you can use it for teas and coffees
  • If you spend more than your allowance, we’ll pop the outstanding balance on your bill.
  • If you spend less, we won’t be able to offer any refunds or carry it over to another day (so eat up!!)
  • The allowance is £25 per adult, per evening (anytime after 4.30 pm)
  • Can be used in The Terrace, Tiffin at Winter Garden and The Hub

And that’s it. There’s nothing more to it than that. Just the freedom to dine wherever and whenever you like during your stay.

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