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Meet Garry

It’s time to meet Garry. Our Garry knows pretty much everything there is to know about weddings, themed banquets and party people sneaking drinks into functions. Well, almost everything that is…

He’ll make sure your sparkly dance floor arrives on time, the button holes are provided for and that you and the spouse-to-be get hitched without a hitch. He started his career as a paperboy (still his favourite job to date) before working his way up to become our Banqueting and Events Manager.

So without further ado, let’s ‘read all about it’ in Garry’s own words…

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found when cleaning up after an event?
A box of wine disguised as a wrapped Christmas present – the party were sneakily topping up their wine on a budget. Not much will get past me, but this was very clever. It happened quite a while ago and I’m still not sure if I’m annoyed or impressed.

What are the wildest B&E functions generally?
Christmas staff party… no further comment

What famous people would be at your ideal banquet? You can have 6 guests.
Tiger Woods, Kelly Jones, Eric Cantona, Liam Gallagher, Al Pacino, Billy Connelly, Kevin Bridges. (I’ve chosen 7 because I’m expecting Liam Gallagher to either walk out or be asked to leave.)

What’s your ideal theme night?
It’s been done a million times but it’s still my favourite – 007 James Bond theme. It’s great getting Stephen’s Aston Martin into the hall, creating cocktail lists for the evening, hiring in the casino tables and every one looking sharp with a black tie dress code. I’ve not been lucky enough to attend one but I would be really excited if I got an invite, it’s my kind of night!

What is your favourite part of a wedding function, and why?
Without a doubt, the first dance. The first dance is when you start to see everyone 100% relaxed. It’s a nice moment to reflect on how well the day went, how happy the bride and groom are and, very importantly, how hard the team worked to make the day happen for the happy couple.

Another strong point that makes this my favourite part of a wedding is that after a 10am start, the first dance signals it’s just about time to go home!

What’s your favourite place in the world?
18th tee at the old course, St Andrews. A close second is my bed!

Describe yourself in three words?
Competitive, ambitious and loyal.

What is the strangest request you’ve had from a customer?
I had a lady at the start of a function tell me that she was dairy free and therefore couldn’t have the crème brûlée. But she then went on to request ice cream as an alternative…


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