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A perfectly formed 9-hole par 3 course, or an inventive collection of crazy monuments? Golf at Crieff Hydro is only as serious as you make it.

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Driving Range

It’s time to focus on your long game… Enjoy eight fully covered bays, four of which have the fancy new PowerTees, four of which do not! (We’re a sentimental bunch, so we’re hanging on to these 4 ‘original’  bays for a little longer).

Regular Bays
  • 25 Balls £3.00 
  • 50 Balls £5.00 
  • 100 Balls £7.00
Power Tee Bays
  • 25 Balls £4.00
  • 50 Balls £6.00 
  • 100 Balls £9.00
Membership – £25 for a year (includes 250 balls)
  • 50% off balls
  •  1 credit = 50 balls for £3.00

9 or 18 Holes

Warm up at our Swing & Ping driving range before working on your short game on our 9-hole par 3 course. It’s a casual, family-friendly course with views so good you can definitely add distraction to your list of excuses for scoring that double bogey!

Seasoned golfer looking for 18 holes? We’ve also got Crieff Golf Club right on our doorstep (literally, step out the main reception and turn right – it’s less than 500m away!)

  • Action Glen 9 hole par 3 £10 adult/£8 child
  • 20% off the 9 or 18 hole course (at nearby Crieff Golf Club)
  • Club hire and buggies available at extra cost


Disc Golf

Swap golf clubs and balls for a Frisbee, and you’re halfway there. The aim? Get the disc in the net, and complete the course with as few throws as possible. Sounds easy, right? Wrong.

  • Just like golf, sort of
  • Great for ages 6 and up
  • No need to book
  • £5 adult/£3 Child


Where keepie-uppies meet double bogies, it’s time to kick it on the green with a combination of football and golf. Get your ball from the tee to the green in as few kicks as possible. Sound straightforward? Come and try it for yourself.

  • As hard as golf, as energetic as football
  • Any age can play on our bigger or smaller course
  • 9 holes £10 adult/£5 child

Crazy Golf

Thousands of years of Scottish history has brought us to this point: the majestic sights of Scotland, in miniature. Send a golf ball rolling through Edinburgh Castle, the Falkirk Wheel, or even Nessie (par four, obviously).

  • Putters and balls from the Activity Centre
  • Themed on Scottish monuments
  • Brilliant for all ages
  • No need to book
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