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Sharp shooters

Fancy yourself as the next Katniss Everdeen? Let’s see how you fare with a longbow. Or get your eye in with an air rifle. Or one better, pull on full camos and prime a laser gun. Whatever you choose, there are targets to be hit, games to be played, battles to be won.

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Air Rifles

Everything comes down to that single point in the crosshairs. Steady the hand. Steady the mind. Smooth exhale, and the lightest touch of the trigger – and it’s done.

From first timer to total pro, our instructors will have you competition-ready before you can say ‘reload’.

  • All kit provided
  • Fully supervised
  • From £20

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Archery Range

Medieval longbow archers could shoot six arrows a minute, after 10 years of daily practice. You’ve got an hour. Nock. Draw. Loose. Thunk. Bullseye? Alright Robin Hood, stop showing off.

  • One-hour session
  • Just bring a keen eye and a steady hand
  • Fully supervised
  • Great for ages 6 and up
  • From £20

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Woodland Combat

Just a game? Wrong. In fact, it might be even more competitive than before! Our snazzy new guns mean lots more games and features- we’ve even added in a few smoke bombs. Yup, you heard us right. Real life smoke bombs!

  • Suitable for 6+
  • Dress for the weather. Don’t wear heels.
  • 90 minute session From £20

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