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Eric & Nicola

21st August 2019

Photographer: Ellis-Gibson Photography

Weddings at Crieff Hydro Hotel & Resort

What made you choose Crieff Hydro?

With Nicola originally from Perthshire, we thought the area would make a beautiful setting for the day and we found the Crieff Hydro Hotel looked equally idyllic. After we went inside, we met the team and looked at the suites for the ceremony and the reception we couldn’t sign up fast enough!

How did you meet?

We both studied at Leeds Medical School and got to know each other walking home from the university each day. We had a lot of common interests – particularly animals – and soon our relationship blossomed and we started going on dates before becoming an official couple.

How did you choose your flowers and colour scheme?

We wanted a very natural, pastel colour scheme – lots of greens, whites, pinks and purples to complement the colours on of the Loggia and its fantastic view of the surrounding natural landscape. It all came together to create a lovely “wild beauty” feel to the day.

Where did you get your dress and how did you choose it?

Living in Yorkshire, Nicola went to Harrogate with our mums, where they visited a few shops and selected a dress – this was all kept top secret from Eric, with him only discovering how it looked when he saw it on Nicola as she walked down the aisle!

How did you that they were “the one”?

Having been in a relationship for all of 5 years, we’ve both known for quite some time that we were meant to be together. We can be ourselves completely around each other, and have accompanied one another through every happy moment and every challenge along the way.

What was your favourite part of the day?

We both loved the first dance – we had learnt our own dance to Take That’s “Rule the World”, which was a mixture of waltz and salsa with a few show-stopping moments.

We practiced so much before the day and absolutely nailed the two lifts, which looked even better with the way Nicola’s dress flowed behind her. We’re told this was the moment of the day that triggered most of the tears from the guests (including Eric’s dad who is usually far more stoic), and we have watched the video of the dance on an almost daily basis since.

Did you have any pre-wedding jitters? What helped you get passed them?

We both had interrupted sleep the night before the big day, but this was more down to a sense of excitement, like kids waiting for Christmas day to come. Neither of us had any last minute doubts and were eagerly awaiting seeing each other at the ceremony.

Did anything stand-out at your day?

Nicola’s (slightly late) arrival was a memorable one – walking down the aisle, looking stunning in her perfect flowing white dress, with her dad beaming as he walked her down the aisle, the thundering sound of bagpipes following behind them. We’re pretty sure Eric’s jaw visibly dropped!

Would you ever have trusted Eric to organise the whole thing – “Don’t Tell the Bride” style?

Eric played a pretty major role in getting a lot of things sorted for the wedding – he is very organised and gets anxious about leaving things to the last minute so was the driving force for getting a lot of components signed and sealed. He did also contribute to the design and décor of the wedding, though some of his more out-there ideas were firmly vetoed.

What made you choose August to get married?

We wanted a summer wedding to make the most of the locale, and a mid-August wedding seemed to best suit both of our jobs and the schedules of most of our guests. In particular, the maid of honour is a professional athlete with a very busy training schedule, so we made sure to book the wedding so she could be there too.

What was the most romantic thing about the day?

Going off with the photographer for photographs together at the viewpoint was a good opportunity for some intimate time to share between just the two of us. It was nice to soak in the Scottish atmosphere, and the events of the last hour or so in each other’s company.

Did anything funny/unexpected happen on the day?

The ceilidh dancing was a thoroughly amusing activity, as the good portion of guests from south of the border had never done one before and didn’t know how to dance the specific dances. Some of them we got the hang of well, but others like Strip the Willow soon developed into a hilarious anarchy of spinning and laughter.

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