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Mark & Kirsty

Mark and Kirsty first met at one of our infamous party nights. Since then we’ve been lucky enough to welcome them back for an incredibly sentimental proposal and soon – their wedding!

How did you meet?

Mark: Kirsty and I met in December 2016 at a party night in Crieff Hydro. I was at the party night with the Fire Service with whom I worked at the time and Kirsty was there with her former colleagues in the Police. Kirsty sat down at our table and exclaimed “Youse are Fireys!” to which for some reason I responded by saying “No, we are writers.” When asked what I wrote, my answer was “Prose!” and since that interaction, my life has never been the same. Despite getting on like a house on fire (excuse the pun) we never exchanged numbers.  It wasn’t long before I tracked her down and we began dating – it’s just as well I did really, as it was quickly apparent that we were made for each other!

Have you been back to the party nights as a couple?

Of course! (More than once!) We both love to dance and the party nights provide the perfect atmosphere for us to boogie on down with Groove Culture. Crieff Hydro is a very special and sentimental place for us now which is why we have chosen it as our wedding venue for next year.

Kirsty, what were your first thoughts when you walked through the doors into Melville Hall?

Kirsty: I wasn’t sure what to expect when Kayleigh, Mark and I walked into the Melville Hall. It was like something out of a movie: a red carpet lined with candles and sprinkled with rose petals, leading up to a table with afternoon tea and fizz set up. I initially thought we must be in the wrong place! Then I noticed the balloons on the wall, significant of our first interaction (and an ongoing joke between us ever since!) It was then I realised that the room was set up for me! So I turned to Mark and asked “is what’s happening what I think is happening?!” And he replied “yes it is!”

Mark, do you have any top proposal tips for anyone looking to pop the question?

Mark: I had gone through many scenarios and proposal ideas in my head before coming up with the idea of recreating where we first met – in the Melville Hall. Kayleigh, (our now wedding coordinator) was amazing at helping me plan the secret proposal and set the hall up for our arrival. My tips for any prospective grooms-to-be would be to be as romantic as possible and try to pick a spot that is special to you both. The setting and environment are really important and the memory will last forever so make it just that – something to remember and a story to tell.

What made you pick that song for the all-important moment? (And could you give our in-house singer, Noah a score out of 10!)

Kayleigh had asked if I wanted a song playing in the background for when I proposed and I had chosen a song that is special to Kirsty and I (It shall remain a secret for now!) When I was informed that Noah, the in-house singer could play the song live for us, I immediately took him up on the offer. After having only two days to learn the song, he played and sang beautifully and I would highly recommend him. A perfect 10/10 and this made the moment even more romantic.

How is the wedding planning going so far?

Wedding planning is going well, albeit in the early stages. That all-important spreadsheet has been created and we have already ticked off quite a few things on our list! We have been overwhelmed by people asking if we need anything done, giving us advice and warning us of little mistakes they have made. Kayleigh at Crieff Hydro has been brilliant, providing us with lists of suppliers and is always available to answer any questions we may have about our big day. Roll on November 2019!

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