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Lynsey & Shane

24th March 2018

Photography by Crieff Photography

What made you choose Crieff Hydro?  

I knew I wanted to get married at Crieff Hydro from the first time I stayed here with my family, when I was just 5 years old. I absolutely loved the Drawing Room and have so many happy memories with my family at Crieff. Shane & I first came to stay for our 5 year anniversary, and I’m so pleased to say that he fell in love with it too. We’ve stayed so many times since then it’s impossible to count, but a lot of our best days have taken place at Crieff Hydro and it really is our “happy place”. It’s a place we can enjoy some time for ourselves, whether it be walking in the beautiful grounds, relaxing in the Victorian Spa or enjoying a strawberry daiquiri in the Brasserie!

What would be your one key piece of advice bride to bride & groom to groom?

Bride to Bride: take in as much of the day as possible because it really does go in so fast – they’re not kidding! One minute you’re sipping champagne in your room getting ready and the next you’re having your first dance!

Groom to Groom: relax, nothing will go wrong because you’re in the best hands possible with Dawn, Claire & the rest of the team at Crieff Hydro!

Where did you get your dress and how did you choose it?         

I got my dress from a shop called This Year’s Love in Hamilton. My 15-year-old cousin (who was also my bridesmaid) actually chose it for me. She saw it hanging up and said she thought that would be the one. I knew it was as soon as I saw myself in the mirror and Valerie, the shop owner, put the veil on. I remember getting so emotional and saying “I look like a bride!”.

How did you meet, who proposed and how did they do it?

We met at a Motherwell game when Shane was 15 and I was 14. This year we’ll have been together for 12 years! Shane proposed to me on 2nd July 2015 – we were celebrating my birthday and he’d surprised me with dinner and an overnight at Crieff Hydro.

Since I was a girl, I’ve always loved the shooting star on the way to the Brasserie and every time I pass it I have to stop and watch it – it’s a tradition I still hold to this day. When we first came to Crieff, Shane observed this tradition and decided that this is where he wanted to propose to me one day. So, a couple of years after that 5th anniversary trip, on the 2nd July 2015, that’s exactly what he did. We were walking downstairs and heading for the Brasserie. Shane was very particular about the route he wanted to walk in while I was trying to take him different ways. Shane got his way, though and as we both looked up at the shooting star, Shane got down on one knee. The proposal was very romantic and came from the heart, and once I realised what was actually happening I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough.

How did you know that your partner was ‘The One’?    

We realised quite early on into our relationship that we had found “the one” in the the other person. We went to different schools and only saw each other at the weekends at first, we would get so excited knowing that we were going to see each other and we both just remember never wanting that feeling to ever go away.

What was your favourite part of the day?

The walk from the Loggia to the Winter Garden to get our photos taken; it was just the two of us, and we both realised “this is it, we’re married!”

What song did you choose for your first dance?

Perfect by Ed Sheeran. We thought the words really sum up our story!

What was the most romantic thing about the day?

We had to give our humanist ten things we love about each other to be read out at the ceremony. Neither of us knew what the other had written until this point, so it was so romantic that this formed part of our ceremony.

Did anything funny happen/unexpected on the day?

I forgot to ask my maid of honour to do a reading during the ceremony and it wasn’t until we were getting ready that my auntie (who was also doing a reading) was asking her about it and we realised I’d never actually asked her! She was so worried about it, I felt so bad but she aced it when the time came!

What was the most memorable part of the day?             

Just seeing everyone so happy and having a good boogie at the reception.

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