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Wedding photography hotspots

Weddings are a nerve wracking time. There’s vows to remember, specific aisle walking rituals, drunk relatives to keep in check and sometimes even the bit where they purposefully invite some joker to object to the whole damn thing!

But one thing you won’t need to worry about when you’re getting married with us is photos. Not only does our Kayleigh know loads of great photographers, but we also have 900 acres of shooting locations and we’ve picked out some of our favourites…

Brasserie Lawn

This is the classic Crieff Hydro wedding photo shot and a firm favourite with our brides and grooms. Idyllic on a clear day, particularly during spring or summer. And even on those warmer days, you can bank on the reliable Scottish weather to give your veil and train an artistic, windswept lift.

Hotel front

A strong all-rounder. Wet weather, sunny days, night time, bright time – the front of our hotel (with our famous tower standing proud) makes a great backdrop for your photo whatever the time, date or weather.

Culcrieff Golf Course

We’re confident you won’t find a more manicured lawn to stand on, and with the Perthshire hills as a backdrop, our golf course makes a pretty scenic spot.

Drawing Room

High ceilings, classic décor, a pipe organ and huge windows with natural light flooding through the panes – it’s one of our most popular indoor spots. And if you’re taking advantage of our winter weddings offer you might find it home to a huge, classily decorated, Christmas tree!

The Knock

Knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door… OK it’s not quite the pearly gates, but the Knock does make for a pretty heavenly photo spot. Towering over the town of Crieff, with 360 views across Strathearn, it’s one of our favourite spots in general and our Stephen’s favourite place in the world. (It’s just an added bonus if there’s a bride and groom as the focus.)

Victorian Gardens

There’s no doubt, this is another classic. Our Victorian Gardens are full of different foliage, so all you’ll need to do is move a few paces to create a different backdrop. It’s as if we designed it with weddings (and high heels) in mind.

Woodland Wanders

Admittedly you might need a change of shoes to get to it, but our wooded areas make for a pretty spectacular photo-opp.

Tennis Courts

Getting married during Wimbledon? Marrying Andy Murray? Whatever your relationship to tennis, our courts have made some pretty unique wedding shots in their time.

Looking for something a little bit off-the-wall? We like your style. Talk to us about what you have in mind and we’ll do our very best to make it happen. Bride on a Segway? Sure. Groom on a zip line? Why not. The happy couple abseiling from the Hydro tower? Okay, you need to calm down. That sounds like a health and safety nightmare.

Give us a call to arrange a tour, and let your imagination run wild over our 900 acres.

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