BIG news for BIG Country

It’s time for a change…

We’ve been helping your family escape the everyday for 150 years now, and that’s meant moving with the times. Free childcare’s been one of our top priorities for as long as we can remember, and we wanted to use 2018 to give BIG Country a BIG revamp.

We’ve listened carefully to guests of every age, and used your feedback to make an even better family offering. Here’s how it’s going to work for you and yours…

There’s so much good news for families that it’s hard to know where to start! Childcare, entertainment, feeding time at the zoo – all have changes afoot.

Starting on 1st March 2018…

Big Country

  • There are still two free daily childcare sessions for 2-12 year olds when you book direct. Sessions will now run for two hours, and there are four rather than three free sessions to choose from during the day. And you’ll also have the option to join them together (that means 4.5 hours of alone time for Mums and Dads!). Joining your two sessions together costs just £5 and includes snacks and a drink to keep your little ones happy.
  • Fancy adding on an extra childcare session? It’s all yours for only £10. Our new daytime sessions start earlier and finish later, giving you more choice around what you get up to while your wee ones are busy discovering Big Country. And if you’d like the evening to yourselves, our 7pm-9pm session is just £10 too, although it’s only open to 3yrs+ and isn’t available as one of your two free sessions.
Why are you changing BIG Country in the first place?

Basically we’re making these changes to meet demands.

The demands of you, our guests – these changes will mean we’re able to accommodate more children over the course of a day at peak times, and provide more in other areas of the resort too. More entertainment, more flexibility at meal times and, for a very small cost, more free time for Mums and Dads. They say ‘you can’t please everyone’ but we’ve got to try. These changes should help everyone and anyone get the most out of our facilities across the whole resort, not just BIG Country.

So, what are the new session times?

Session 1: 8.30 – 10.30am

BRIDGE from 10.30am – 11am (cost per child: £5)

Session2: 11.00am – 1.00pm


Session3: 1.30 – 3.30pm

BRIDGE from 3.30pm – 4pm (cost per child: £5)

Session 4: 4.00 – 6.00pm

Evening session: 7.00 – 9.00pm (cost per child: £10.00)

What is a BIG Country bridge?

Simply put a bridge is a way to access 4.5 hours of childcare. It joins two sessions together and the £5 cost per child covers the cost of providing a snack and a drink for your kids.

Why are we being charged for bridges and the evening session?

Partly because we’ve noticed changing demands – you’ve told us you’d like more things for families to do together in the evening and we’ve listened. And partly because we didn’t want to do away with the session altogether, as other hotels have done. Both of these options come at no small cost to us as a business.

Therefore, the small charges allow us to reinvest in both BIG Country and other areas such as our entertainment program. Plus, the £5 cost for a bridge goes towards providing a snack and a drink for your kids.

Why no lunchtime bridge?

This one is simple enough – our BIG Country team need a break and something to eat too!

Why are we getting less free hours?

By reducing the session time from 3 hours to 2 hours it allows us to offer more sessions each day and therefore accommodate more children over the course of a day. One of our biggest complaints during peak times is that we aren’t able to accommodate some guests’ kids and the aim of this change is to help rectify that situation as best we can.

When are peak / off peak times?

Peak times include every day within the school holidays (which means both the Scottish school holiday period and the school holiday periods south of the border) and weekends (that means Friday – Sunday afternoon).

Off peak is everything in between!

What else?


We’re also making improvements to our family dining options (say your goodbyes to Kids High Tea!) which you can read about in more detail over on the Kids Food page.

And, we’re making some less drastic changes to the way we run a few of our activities across the resort. All to give you more flexibility as to how you spend your family time with us.


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