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Afternoon Tea

It all began in 17th century England with the Duchess of Bedford.

Back then, it was the fashion to have dinner late, which left a long gap between meals, and left the poor Duchess going hungry. To remain on point with fashion, and get around these dreaded “hunger spells” she decided that a tray of tea, sandwiches and cake should be brought to her room in the late afternoon. She shared this delightful new habit with her friends, and it soon snowballed into a full blown social craze – voila! Afternoon tea was born.

A few centuries down the line, it’s more of a social event than a daily occurrence, but it just so happens that we’ve got the perfect setting for it. Sit back and sip on a freshly brewed tea and take in the surroundings. Whether you’re in our Winter Garden, Loggia or grand Drawing Room, you will be anything but disappointing.

And it’s not just a cuppa we’re offering these days. We’re all about putting a modern twist on the classic with gin, prosecco and Champagne. Available daily from 2pm but best to book in advance and, of course, mutter a little thank you to the Duchess of Bedford.

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