Pink Drink Month

Is it a love potion? Maybe. But a delicious, pink, instagramable cocktail? Definetly.

This February,  each of the restaurants will be serving up a limited edition pink drink to celebrate Valentine’s day in a very tasty way. But, a word of warning  – these pretty cocktails still ‘pack a punch’ so maybe don’t try them all at once. Cheers!

Meikle Bar – Clover Club £7.95
Gin, raspberry, egg white and a hint of lemon

Brasserie – Pretty in pink £6.50
Pink grapefruit vodka, cranberry, lime

Brasserie – candyfloss fizz £6.95
Candyfloss syrup topped with prosecco 

Piccolo – Cherry kiss £7.50
Dissaronno, cherry syrup and prosecco

Winter Garden – Hendricks sharing teapot £14
Hendricks, fentiamans lemonade and rose petals


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