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Our advanced purchase rates are changing for the better. Now, the further in advance you book your hotel room the better the deal.

Think of it as a race. If you get there first, you get the best prize…However, that’s not to say that the rest of placings don’t deserve recognition. (We like to think we’re a fair bunch at Crieff!) So, here’s the deal:

  • 1st place (booking 9-12 months in advance) save 25% off best flexible rates
  • 2nd place (booking 6-9 months in advance) save 20% off best flexible rates
  • 3rd place (booking 3-6 months in advance) save 15% off best flexible rates
  • 4th place (booking 3 months -14 days in advance) save 10% off best flexible rates

Fancy yourself a winner? No problem. Simply pay in full when you book and the gloating can begin! Like any race there is one rule, once you’re all booked up we can’t offer any refund or cancellations. The good news? Despite a great price, your room still comes with all the good stuff; breakfast, FREE childcare, access to the pool, gym and cinema. So…

On your marks, get set, GO!

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Terms: Applies to hotel rooms only, excludes self-catering. Subject to availability. Full terms apply.

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