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Something Special Flowers

Say ‘hello’ to Jillian and Stephen, the creative duo that work in perfect partnership.

Together, they are Something Special Flowers

What’s the story behind the name?  

Having worked for a few of the local florists and holding the position of head wedding florist at one of them, I found myself working late shifts to balance childcare etc. Stephen was coming home from work as I was heading out.  At this time a small shop in Blairgowrie’s High Street called Something Special came up for sale.  “Let’s have a look” said husband, Stephen who also fancied a change of direction. Before we knew it, we had purchased the business Something Special.

We agreed that Something Special is what we wanted to do and was a good name, but added  the word  “Flowers” as that is after all, what we work with.  So, in February 2000, Something Special Flowers was born and started our incredible journey.

What made you become a wedding florist?

I come from a traditional hard-working family with a strict work ethic and one of the rules was that, at the age of 14 I had to find a part time job so that I could help to pay my way. Having asked around the local businesses, whether by chance, fate or pure good luck, it was the florist in the town that took me on as a Saturday girl.

I had enjoyed Art at school and quickly found that I had a flair for floristry –  and the rest is history! I progressed from washing the buckets to a full-time job on leaving school, and eventually getting involved with the wedding designs over the next few years.

Where do you get your inspiration from?    

Every wedding couple have their own personality and wedding ideas and that inspires me. Thinking of the ways our team can put a personal and individual spin on their own ideas. A theme can be exciting and gets my imagination racing, or on the flip side, we get brides who just don’t know what they want and are happy to let us work from a blank canvas. For me, inspiration will always be derived from nature…. there is no better inspiration out there.

If couples give you a picture of a bouquet and/or arrangement that they like, can you recreate it?

Yes of course we can do our best to recreate it, but I would generally advise that we use the picture as a guide and make something individual and bespoke that is a perfect fit for that individual. Of course, the bride always has the option and if she wants a recreation for whatever reason, then that is what she will get. We have made many bridal  bouquets that are identical replicas of gran or mum’s bouquet before as a lovely personal touch.

What other decor can you provide?

We have a large stock of props and accessories which are available for hire and in most cases if we don’t have it, then we can source it. Our team are very resourceful. Remember, we have been in business now for almost 20 years and have collected so much stock in that time.  I find my arty side comes to good use when personalising and hand writing signs etc.

Will you work with a couples’ cake designer if they decide to add flowers to the wedding cake?

Of course! I believe that the ultimate aim is for the wedding couple to have the best experience ever and it is only by suppliers working together that we can make that happen seamlessly.

On average, how many weddings or events do you roughly do in a year? Have a guess!

We cater for around 175 weddings and events a year of all sizes from small birthday parties to full scale wedding and event styling, sometimes lasting a week or more at a time.

What would be your best tip to give to future couples on choosing their wedding florist?

Make sure you feel your florist is listening to you and understands your requirements, but most importantly, make sure you get a good vibe from them.  Remember that you should enjoy the wedding planning journey and your chosen florist should want to share a small part of that journey with you.

How far in advance do I need to book my wedding florist?             

The advice I always give is to not leave your florist to last.  Once you have decided on your florist, get your date booked.  We have wedding dates in our diary for two years in advance – sometimes more!  Having said that, most couples have a better idea of colours and styles once the bridesmaid dresses are purchased.  12 months prior to the wedding is mostly safe for an initial consultation.


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