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Baking Classes at Campbell’s Bakery

If you’ve ever set foot in our Winter Garden, you’ll know that when it comes to sourcing our baking, only the best will do.

You might have heard us bang on about our Beth, who spends her days here at the Hydro making loads of the delicious sweet treats that you’ll find on display in our Winter Garden. But what you might not know is that we also buy in some fantastic baked goods from our friends at Campbell’s Bakery.

With the 19th century craft bakery practically on our doorstep, it’d be foolish not to take advantage of the produce. And (as if the delicious breads and pastries weren’t a good enough reason to work together) the business is still family owned and run, just like us.

One of Scotland’s oldest bakers, Campbell’s have been on the go even longer than we have and is now run by the seventh-generation Iain Campbell. They’re a staple part of Crieff High Street and their award-winning products have even had the celebrity nod of approval from Crieff’s very own Ewan McGregor.

Iain’s passion for baking has seen him win a heap of awards, and was most recently crowned the best granary bread baker in Scotland. But now he’s looking to share his knowledge and teach others how to bake.

In a time when we’re still mourning the loss of the Berry-Hollywood dream team, the three-and-a-half-hour tuition sessions have gone down an absolute treat. The classes cover everything from traditional sweet and savoury Scottish baking, as well as the odd class on more unusual worldwide influences.

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