Drink Brewgooder, give water

Beer that helps the world?

Yes you read it right – we’ve teamed up with Brewgooder to bring this ethical beer to the Hub.

Set up by Alan and Josh in 2016, these beer lovers combined their love for lager with doing some good in the world.

Their mission;

to provide clean water  for 1,000,000 people through the power of craft beer by donating 100% of our profits to clean water charities

Simple really! Why wasn’t it done early? (that’s what we asked ourselves)

Is the beer any good you may ask? Categorically YES. They’ve teamed up with the guys at BrewDog so you know it’s good (they¬† even brew the beer at zero margin).

For the beer connoisseur, Brewgooder has a pale gold colour with a citrus smell and a crisp refreshing pilsner taste.

Why not try it for yourself in The Hub? And once you’ve bought your pint, just remember to mark it off on the board and help us provide clean drinking water.


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