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Jack’s Crystallised Ginger & Apple Mule

You might recognise Jack, master of the Meikle bar and alcohol expert. He’s known as our whisky sommelier, but recently he’s been focussing his attention on something a little different.
He’s been busy reinventing the wheel, or on this occasion the Moscow Mule. And we have to tell you, his crystallised ginger and apple mule is frankly, a taste sensation.

We’ve managed to convince Jack to share the secrets behind his latest creation, so that you can try it out at home…

Crystallised Ginger & Apple Mule


For the cocktail

    • 50ml Russian Standard Vodka
    • 12.5ml shot whisky liqueur (of course, it wouldn’t be one of our Jack’s recipes without a little snifter of whisky in there!)
    • 12.5ml ginger syrup
    • 1 lime
    • 1 small scoop apple sorbet
    • Ginger beer

For your garnish

    • 1/4 apple
    • 1 piece of crystallised ginger
    • 1 cocktail stick


  • Take your sling glass and rinse it with a little whisky liqueur and ginger syrup, empty the excess down your sink.
  • Squeeze three lime wedges into your glass and fill the glass with ice. Top the ice with a small scoop of apple sorbet.
  • Now pop the double shot of vodka, 12.5mls of squeezed lime juice and a half shot of ginger syrup into your shaker, fill it full of ice and shake it like a Polaroid picture.
  • Pour your shaken drink into the glass and top with a wee drop of ginger beer.
  • For the garnish, slice your apple into small segments and fan them out on the cocktail stick, pop the crystallised ginger on the front of the stick and place it on the top of the drink. Cheers!

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