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Tonnes of timber

Over 2,575 tonnes of timber have been harvested from our site and put to good use. Around half of this will make its way to sawmills whilst the other half has been used in the production of pallets, boards and furniture.

Those of you who have visited recently may have enjoyed a very scenic stroll around The Knock. A local dog-walking hotspot, this woodland track is also enjoyed by horse riders, mountain bikers and even segway-ers and long may that continue!  Although it’s a loved and well-utilised part of Crieff Hydro estate, The Knock woodlands are managed and accredited under the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme – good news for us as they ensure the work is carried out economically, environmentally and sustainably. PHEW!

It’s a commercial woodland really, and the timber felled here is used to meet our everyday demand for wood and can replace the less sustainable products such as concrete, steel and plastic. On top of this, a good chunk of the money made through timber sales is reinvested over time, allowing replanting, so a wide range of wildlife can continue to call us home.

The trees being felled this year were planted for this purpose in 1966, making them 52 years old. So, it’s very likely that we’ll begin felling the knock woodland again in 50 years time!

Over the past few weeks, felling has been taking place at the highest point of the hill just north of Crieff Hydro. Sitka spruce and Scots pine trees some 50 years old have been harvested for use in industry. Felling is still finishing up, but the replanting is already being planned. It’s likely that this will continue the previous commercial theme but with the addition of native broadleaves such as birch and beech alongside designed open ground to add to the diversity.

That said, the main circular knock route remains open for all to enjoy. So if you’re out and about, keep your eyes peeled for some HUGE and interesting forestry machinery and take time to enjoy the incredible views that came with the clearing of such high trees – the flat Scottish lowlands on one side and on the other, the dramatic highlands! Yup, we’re a lucky bunch!

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