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Meet Dave

Meet Dave. If you liked our Victorian gardens, you’ve got Dave to thank. He’s our resident expert gardener and the brains behind the planting.

Dave’s family have worked here for years, and his Grandpa and Granny even lived on the Hydro grounds!

He’s been clocking up the miles on the lawnmower since 1986, and when he’s not busy tending to the beautiful gardens, you might find him building a bike track or upcycling some old wooden pallets into a pop up bar.

Without further ado, let’s hear a little more about Dave, from Dave…

Tell us a little about your projects where you build things, what’s the best thing you’ve ever built?
We have made a few things out of old pallets, we build them in our yard or shed. I built a kart for the F&B team, which was probably my best work. However, I like the pyramid log stores that I made the best.

What’s been your favourite day at Crieff Hydro?
I have many but if I had to choose just one, I’d say the day I got asked to move a Porsche 911 sports car and the owner said “take it for a spin if you like!” Which needless to say, I did.

If we gave you £1 million to start a business, what would that business be and why?
Recycling and upcycling. I think there is too much waste in the world so if we can find something a new home, or make something else out of it and give it a new life – then we should.

What do you love about working outside and what is your favourite season?
I like the fresh air, the changing weather, the views and the wildlife we see. I would say I like spring the best. When you start to see everything beginning to bud, then you know the days are going to get lighter, longer and warmer.

You’re in Dobbies Garden centre and a Bonsai tree starts talking to you asking for some advice, what do you do?
I would sit down next to it and ask what was up with it and try to help it as best as I could.

What’s been your biggest life achievement?
My biggest achievement has been meeting my wife Debbie, and having Jemma and Joss my two kids. And now I am a proud granddad to Elsie, my granddaughter.

What inspires you when it comes to planting, do you have an artistic flare?
Colour, size and positioning. Yes, I’d like to think I’m quite artistic in the way I go about things but go to the Victorian Gardens and you can be the judge!

Alan Titchmarsh or Charlie Dimmock? Why?
Alan Titchmarsh. He was the first and the best. I liked the way he would go into peoples’ gardens when they were out and totally transform them, then wait to see the look on their faces when they returned.

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