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Meet Dawn…

Say hello to our Wedding Coordinator, Dawn…

Dawn started working at the Hydro back in the nineties, in her dungarees, wearing a mood ring (we assume). 22 years later, having worked in both our resort sales and conference and events teams, she now finds herself making all your wedding dreams come true.

She loves making people happy, so we couldn’t think of a more perfect candidate for the job. But don’t let us tell you all there is to know about Dawn, let’s hear a little more form the lady herself…

If you could banish one thing to room 101, what would it be?

Snakes, they terrify me.

What’s been your favourite day at Crieff Hydro?

Oh that would have to be the day I met my husband at my boss’s wedding reception in the Ferntower Suite.

What’s the most romantic request you’ve had from a customer?

I’ve not really had any romantic requests, but the most romantic wedding I’ve helped to organise was for a couple who were in their seventies. They had the most beautiful ceremony where they entered the room at the same time but from opposite sides and met in the middle to be married. They also involved all their children and grandchildren in the ceremony, some did readings, some sang and other provided the entertainment during the drinks reception by dancing.

What’s your biggest life achievement to date?

My biggest life achievement to date would be having our son.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Walk across the Ballroom of the hotel with clients when The Zoo Lab were showing a group of children a ginormous snake. I had to stay professional but all I wanted to do was run screaming in the opposite direction!

What is your favourite part of a wedding?

That has to be when the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time on the day, it takes my breath away (and makes me cry!).

What would be your ideal wedding if there were no expenses spared?

That is a difficult one but I think it would have to involve a castle and lots of flowers.

Describe yourself in three words?

Organised, organised and organised!

What’s your favourite place in the world?

Anywhere as long as I was with my hubby and son.

Would you coordinate your own wedding?

Totally! I love to organise…

Who are your dream couple?

I think this would have to be the Queen and Prince Philip, they have been together for so long and look like they have lots of fun together in spite of having to put the nation first.

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