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Meet Margaret

It’s been a busy year of winning awards for our spa therapist, Margaret!

That’s right! Not only is Margaret Crieff Hydro’s ‘Employee of The Year,’ she nabbed the title ‘Spa Therapist of The Year’ at the Scottish Hotel Awards too. Not bad for a year’s work! Read on to hear from the reigning champion herself…

How did you come to be a beauty therapist? Life-long dream or more of an epiphany further down the line?

I have always wanted to be a beauty therapist, however, I didn’t actually become one until after I had my kids. It was then I decided to go back to college and it was the best decision I ever made!

What is your favourite treatment to deliver?

Oh, I love them all! But I think I’m most impressed by the results you get with our CARITA treatments – it’s easy to customise so I can really target specific skin concerns or needs. On a more personal level, the mum-to-be pregnancy treatment is also AMAZING! As a mum myself I can really relate to the journey these guests are on, and it’s so so lovely to be a part of it.

What are your three must-have Decléor products

Only three?! I’ve got a few more ‘must-haves’ than that but if I had to choose it would be the following:

  1. White petal sleeping mask
  2. Jasmine absolute eye cream
  3. Hydra floral cocoon cream

What’s been your favourite day at Crieff Hydro?

There are actually two – sorry! The first is the SMILE Awards where I won ‘Employee of The Year!’  Crieff Hydro really know how to celebrate the successes of their staff and it felt great to be recognised! The second was Halloween, when I was painting the faces of our entertainment team ahead of their spooktacular night of entertainment in the Hotel. The face-painting attracted a lot of attention and wound-up chatting to lots of lovely guests – It’s the simple things!

No expenses spared – you can visit any spa in the world. Where is it and what treatment are you having?

I don’t have a specific spa in mind but I do have a country – Thailand! Purely to experience a proper Thai massage. Maybe one day…


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