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5 Things To Do With Your Extra Day

Now, if you’re one of the lucky ones who have snapped up our magnificent, dazzling, fantastic 3 for 2, you must be pretty smug just now. You’re calling up your friends saying “just to let you know, I just got an extra day to play at Crieff Hydro. I’m amazing” right now, aren’t you?

If you’re one of those people we are here to help you decide what to do with that extra day as it can be quite daunting. But, ‘what if I waste my extra day?’ or ‘what can I do with my extra day?’. Alas, your day will never be wasted at Crieff Hydro as there’s an abundance of fun things to do here (if we don’t say so ourselves…).

A day at Glen’s Adventure Park

Now if you have little ones or just want to embrace your inner wild child, head to our brand new Adventure Park, it’s jammed packed with fun things to do. Whether it’s racing the BERG karts or flying on our zip lines, it’s the perfect place for the kids (and adults!) to play. The main event is the grand fort which is complete with a climbing wall, spiders web AND slides. Just pop along to Action Glen and the adventure awaits you…

A day at the Spa

You’re tuckered out and after two days of gallivanting the grounds, you’re in need of some relaxation. Our spa menu is complete with everything your body needs to chill out. Hot stone massage? No problem. Moisturising facial? Of course. Our therapists are there to offer you a treatment which will make you feel rejuvenated. After your treatment has come to it’s saddening end, head to our Victorian Spa for a sauna and steam to continue the relaxation. You’re welcome.

A day of action-packed activities

Our activity centre, Action Glen is one of the most fun places at Crieff Hydro. It’s the perfect place to try something you’ve never tried before too! There’s over 60+ activities to choose from so you’ll definitely find something you fancy. There’s segways for those who are looking to explore the grounds, Woodland Aloft for those looking to explore the trees and quad bikes for those who want to explore the quarry (and the mud!). If none of these are your cup of tea, head to Action Glen’s website to see what you fancy! After a busy day of adventuring around, tuck into some nachos or rotisserie chicken from Basecamp Cafe. Yum!

A day of ‘Knock-ing’

No, we’re not talking about running around the hotel knocking on doors so don’t get any ideas now. The hotel is next to a beautiful hill called ‘The Knock’ and is also very close to our cosy cabins and lodges. It’s a fantastic walk and the reward is the views from the top. Whether you fancy walking up slowly and get the steps in or want to grab a segway at Action Glen, it’s worth the climb. It’s the perfect place for that last day ‘selfie’.

A day of the magical indoors

Say it’s a rainy day and you don’t want to go outside. You’re in a bit of a grump as the rain has just ruined your extra day. Don’t fret! We have SO many fun things to do indoors that you’ll wish it rained every day you stayed. Play a game of bingo or team up for the quiz in the ballroom, all you need to do is head to our What’s On page. Then once you’ve done your victory walk, head to the cinema to watch a movie! Feeling peckish after that film? Head to one of our restaurants to fill that tummy.


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