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Meet CARTIA, our newest, and very exclusive, product house to find a spot in our beauty cabinets and indeed, our hearts! Often referred to as an alternative to cosmetic surgery, these treatments deliver the most advanced formulas and technologies to correct, lift and firm the skin. Using a combination of micro-currents to help the products penetrate deeper into the skin along with ultrasounds and LEDs to increase cell renewal and deliver visible results in just one treatment.

Sounds pretty incredible, right? We thought so too and, naturally, we didn’t want to miss out. Now, with our training over and the guinea pigs looking younger (friends, family and team members that is – not actual guinea pigs) we’re ready to share the secret to younger skin….

That said, here’s how it all works:

Step 1:
The treatment begins with a true ‘reading of the skin’ followed by a few postural stretching manoeuvres to release all the body’s tension.  (Basically, our expert will use this stage of the facial to determine your skin type, select the right products and get you comfortable and relaxed!)

Step 2:
The legendary rénovateur step. CARITA’s exclusive exfoliator is formualted with a base of sunflower seeds and a blend of essential oils (specifically thyme, lemon and clove.) The scrub is massaged into the skin revealing smoother, softer skin. If you are having one of our longer facials or an extra deep cleanse you might also be introduced to our ‘skin refiner’. This gem of a tool uses ultrasound technology and vibrates at 28, 000 vibrations a second to give you a powerful exfoliation to leave the skin airbrushed. For those skin geeks who like a fact will know that manual exfoliation is only 2 oscillations per second….imagine 27,998 x more.

Step 3:

This is the crucial moment of the treatment with a skin massage that stimulates cell renewal. The skin is infused with a serum for your skin type and then the all-important “Michael Jackson” gloves go on. These metallic silver-threaded gloves transport the micro currents through the skin. The great thing about the gloves is that they continue to be an extension of the therapist hands which means that they can get into all the nooks and crannies, fine lines and wrinkles will have nowhere to hide.

Depending on the facial you are having, or your skin wish list, we might use our precision pens great for crows feet or lip plumping, the perfect contour accessory will help define the jaw line, cheek bones or neckline. True personalisation.

Step 4:

It wouldn’t be any fun if we didn’t show you the great results. Your CARITA expert will do a “half face” assessment, show you the mirror – wow – and then even you up with the same lifting on the other side. And if that wasn’t good enough serums, eye creams and moisturisers finish off the treatment to complete your skin transformation.

Already dreaming of a younger, healthier skin? Behold…our six new treatments are available to book NOW.

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