Fit for a new purpose!

New Fitness studio – coming soon

Have you heard? We’re turning our old squash courts into a brand new fitness studio! The workmen are in there as we speak; knocking the dividing wall down, ripping up the old flooring and even adding a mezzanine floor! Yup, Jack (our gym instructor) and his evergrowing timetable of fitness classes will soon have a more permanent residence, with lots of new ‘toys’ to play with and different ways for our guests and members to get fitter, healthier and stronger! ┬áThere are still a few details yet to be confirmed but we’ll tell you as much as we know so far…

What’s going to be in the studio

The studio will be the new ‘go-to’ venue for all of our fitness classes, so we’re making sure there’s plenty of space for activity! We’re also upping our offering to as many as 150 fitness classes a month – the current selection being re-vamped with new equipment and exercises as well as a (big) handful of new ones! Inside, you’ll find a Queenax frame, spinning bikes, a range of kettlebells, a TRX or two and potentially some super clever virtual training tech! Watch this space.

What about the current gym?

The good news is our current gym is staying put – we’ve only just put the new flooring in after all! So that means all our weights and CV machines will remain for our guests and members to use at their ‘leisure’ (pardon the pun!)

When’s the launch?

The studio is set to be opening this summer, in June 2019. We don’t quite have an ‘official opening’ date yet but keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks…

I’m not currently a member, how can I join?

The easiest way to join our club is to pop in and have a chat. We’ll show you around, fill in a little paperwork and give you a chance to test the facilities before you make the final decision. We realise that last part sounded very serious but it’s not…So much so, there’s no joining fees or fixed contracts! For more information, the full list of membership options and the all-important prices, check out our Leisure membership page.

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