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The fun facts about golf

Golf. You either love it, love to hate it, or just plain don’t understand it. It’s a game of pure dedication, and even players who’ve spent years perfecting their game, can still find themselves playing in the rough. Whatever your feeling toward the game, we’ve put together some interesting facts that you can drop into conversation at the 19th hole.

Believe it or not, golf has been played in outer space. No, those aliens haven’t pinched our game. It turns out the moon’s not just made for walking as astronaut Alan Shepard found out back in 1971. He smuggled a make-shift six-iron onto the Apollo 14 because he “wanted to do something special” while he was on the moon. Right enough Alan, your bog-standard trip to the moon’s nothing without a game of golf to back it up.
He contacted a club pro in Houston, who didn’t have a problem connecting the head of a six-iron to the shaft of a piece of rock collecting equipment. Shepard covered the club with a sock so it wouldn’t be found before launch. He reckons the ball went about 200 yards, but he could only hit it with one hand because of his pressure suit (we’ve all heard that one before).

The hole-in-one insurance
In most places a hole-in-one might get you a pint at the 19th hole and kudos from your fellow players. Not in Japan. In Japan, if you’re lucky enough to hit a hole in one, you’re expected to share the good luck by throwing a party, complete with gifts for your family – and friends! Obviously this can become quite an expensive little soiree, so it’s common to find Japanese golfers carrying a ‘hole-in-one insurance’ policy.
Of course, those wily insurance companies have calculated that the actual chance of an average golfer scoring a hole-in-one is approximately 12,500 to one. So, you could always chance your luck without it… or just not tell anyone.

Lighter than a feather
Up until the mid-19th century, golf balls were typically made of feathers… The feathers were boiled and stuffed into a little leather pouch, which was then sewn up into a ball shape.
FYI: If you happen to be golfing with one of these heirlooms you’ll be interested to hear that an 1845 J.Gourlay feathery recently sold for £5000 at auction. So, maybe stop hitting it?

Dimples are better
Have you ever wondered why today’s golf balls have all those little dimples? Well, the dimples are there to reduce turbulence and they allow the ball to travel further than a completely smooth ball. Surprisingly, those tiny little balls can have anywhere between 330 to 500 dimples.

So there you have it, some fun facts that even the most unseasoned of golfers can drop into conversation… Of course if these facts have inspired you to give the game a go, come join us up at Culcrieff Golf Club and start your game on our nine hole course.

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