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What’s new to the resort?

We’ve made it even easier for you to make the most of all the activities we have on offer… That’s right people – change is afoot!

Timing is everything

By now, we’re sure you’ll have heard about the changes we’re making to Big Country. But we’re not stopping there. We’re rolling out changes across our dining options and our activities too, all to offer you more choice and more flexibility during your stay with us.

So, what’s new to the world of resort? Well, in some ways, nothing major. We already have over 60 activities available across the resort and (for now) that’s plenty. But what we have done is make some minor changes that’ll make planning your activity diary so much easier…

  • Polly pony rides – we’re upping Polly’s workload from 1 hour per day to 3 hours per day during peak times, meaning lots more availability and flexibility (and don’t worry – it’s not all on Polly’s back! We have Romeo ready and waiting to pick up the slack.)
  • Action Glen – during peak times, we’ll be opening Action Glen an hour earlier and closing later. Again, that means more availability and flexibility for you to have a little fun as a family or stick the kids in Big Country and let the big kid in you loose on a quad bike!
  • Entertainment – we’ll be introducing additional evening time kids entertainment 7-8pm which will be linked to the activity theme from that day’s Big Country sessions. There’ll also be an hour of family entertainment 8-9pm and from 9pm onward we’ll continue to offer fantastic live music and ceilidhs for the grown ups to enjoy

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