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Spring In Your Step

Put a spring in your step!

Let’s paint a picture for you. You’re sitting in a pedicure but not just any pedicure chair – no, no – this pedicure chair has different back massage options to give those minor back pains a little bit of pressure. Your feet are plunged in warm bubbly water, giving you that instant relaxation. Tingling yet?

Breathe in scents of grapefruit, rosemary and ginger – a blend of scents by skin experts, Decleor. This foot treatment is known for it’s uplifting qualities – perfect for Spring. After your warm soak, watch as your feet are smoothed over with a soothing scrub. Perfect for giving your feet that much needed TLC. Then, as your feet are now in tip top form, enjoy a relaxing foot massage using bamboo!

All with an 1881 G&T in hand! 

This treatment is £29.00 for 25 minutes of relaxation.  Call to book 01764 651609 or email [email protected]

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