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Preserving Perthshire

As a family owned business, we believe it’s pretty important not to forget your roots. So what better cause for us to support than the preservation and promotion of the many remarkable trees, woodlands and country gardens throughout Perthshire.

We’ve been working alongside the Big Tree Country Initiative, and we’re on a mission to help raise awareness of the work they do to maintain the beautiful Perthshire countryside around us.

We like to think that we’re surrounded by some of the most spectacular green spaces in Scotland, so to help our friends at Big Tree Country, we’ve been inviting our guests to donate one-pound per stay to the project.

To kick it all off our Stephen and, Big Tree Country’s expert, Tom Christian planted a tree together – which now takes pride of place in our Victorian Gardens.

It wasn’t just any old tree that Tom brought along to celebrate the partnership either – The Fitzroya Cupressoides, also known as ‘Fitzroya’ or ‘Alerce’, can grow to around 200ft tall and live for as many as 3000 years.

It’s native to the Andes Mountains, but we’re pretty sure it’ll feel quite at home with us, and be here to welcome our guests for many years to come.

We’ll be developing guides and maps illustrating the nature walks and discovery points so you’ll be able to explore these beautiful areas yourself.

And if you’re looking for a little more information on the trees around the resort, our Head Gardener Dave’s been working the land here for thirty years, and knows pretty much everything there is to know about these 900 acres.

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