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Airing on STV from Monday 3rd June

Here it is! Our 2019 campaign is in full swing and it’s fair to say we’ve found our happy place!

It’s been a busy old time at Hydro HQ. But one thing’s for sure…there was no need to practice any smiles for the camera because they’re all REAL!

The campaign

Life is busy. One minute you’re sitting in the accounts meeting, clinging on to the fact that there’s only 96 hours to go until the weekend (yup it’s still Monday). Next you’re seriously considering hiding that mountain of washing in the cupboard. Blink and it’s Christmas. Again.

We worked with Malcolm Thompson and Heehaw to create a TV advert to sweep you off your day-to-day feet and into 900 acres of adventure and activities. What will you find there? Your happy place of course!

Keeping it in the family

Our General Manager’s son is one of the stars of our billboard ads that accompany the campaign (keep your eyes open for those in Glasgow and Edinburgh). We’ve seen a lot of firsts over our 150 years but his first ride on Polly the pony has to be one of the cutest!

Drum roll please…

And that’s a wrap!

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