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Whatever the weather

We’ll get you here this winter…

Winter is here, we won’t leave you out in the cold.

The threat of ‘snow’ looms overhead, but we’ve got our safeguards firmly in place. Our trusty Gardening Team are ready to swarm the estate at a moment’s notice, with their arsenal of snow ploughs, Land Rovers and associated equipment (aka shovels).

Whatever the weather, they’ll dig deep to keep the roads clear, both to the hotel and around the resort.

We’ll stop at nothing to get you here, so if you’re arriving by train, let us know and we’ll send a 4×4 to pick you up from the nearest station. And if you don’t fancy using your car when you get here, we’ll use our Land Rovers to shuttle you around the estate.
So go ahead, make snow angels, have a snowball fight and generally laugh in the face of snow (maybe not thundersnow though – that sounds nasty!).

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