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Seas the Catch

From the shores of Harris to the heart of Perthshire, we source the freshest of shellfish for our customers!

Seas the Catch is a small family run fishing business based in rural Scotland. Their shellfish is freshly caught off the coast of Scotland, specifically the Outer Hebrides, and delivered to your plate within 48 hours!

The Outer Hebrides host beautiful scenery, stunning beaches and acres of untouched land. As a result the waters around the Hebrides are known for their cleanliness and are amongst the purest there are in the world. Seas the Catch pride themselves on providing the freshest and best quality of Scottish shellfish for people to enjoy!

‘Bringing a taste of the shore to your door’

One of the owners at Seas the Catch, Neil, explains where their passion and motivation for the business came from – “The idea of Seas the Catch came about from seeing all our live shellfish catch being landed to foreign vivier lorries weekly and sadly that was the last that was seen of it, yet it remains difficult for establishments and people to be able to purchase fresh/live Scottish shellfish easily and on a regular basis. Our hope is that by making it available within our own country, people will have the opportunity to try the produce and enjoy it for themselves”.

Seas the Catch has five boats that supply the business, meaning that everything landed can be traced, by us, all the way back to the catch.

Each box of shellfish is labelled with the product, the weight and the vessel which caught it.  We can then visit their website and read up about the vessel, its crew and the area they fish in.  This is something unique and means that all the produce has full traceability and a story behind each box.

To ensure the shellfish is the best of quality, all the produce is caught using creels and kept live at sea using water spray and all the way through until it reaches our guests using ice packs.  The product is often caught and delivered to us within 48 hours! Some of the shellfish specials you can expect to see on our menu include crab, langoustines and lobster.

We think it’s a great (and delicious) story!

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